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COLIBRI WELLNESS KITS are Meant For You To Be Able To Explore The Benefits Of Different Tinctures at an Accessible Price.



.5 oz Chamomille Tincture 
*.5 oz Calendula Tincture 
*.5 oz California Poppy Tincture
*.5 oz Lavender Tincture
*.5 oz Elderberry, Cinnamon & Clove Tincture 
*.5 oz Hibiscus Tincture 
*.5 oz Rose Tincture 
*.5 oz Nettles Tincture 
*.5 oz Schisandra Tincture 
*.5 oz Equinacia Tincture 
*.5 oz Damiana Tincture
*.5 oz Mullein, Eucalyptus &  Elecampane Root Tincture    
*.5 oz Rose, Damiana, Chocolate & Cinnamon Tincture
*.5 oz Sweet Gum Ball Tree Tincture
*.5 oz Clove & MCT Oil 


Chamomile Tincture Benefits:***

*Mild Sedative *Reduce Anxiety *Helps with upset Stomach *Helps with Insomnia 


Calendula Tincture Benefits:***

 *Alleviates Cramps *Packed with Antioxidants *Aids Digestion


California Poppy Tincture Benefits:***

 *Promote Relaxation *Reduce Mild Pain *Enhance Sleep


Lavender  Tincture/Elixir  Benefits:***

 *Improves sleep *Antidepressant *Headache relief.  


Elderberry Tincture  Benefits:***

  *Aids to Heal Cold & Flu Viruses *Toxin Removal *IMMUNE BOOSTER POWERHOUSE


Hibiscus Tincture Benefits:***

 *Lower Blood Pressure *Anti-depressant *Healthy Menstruation *Anti-Inflammatory


Rose Tincture/Elixir  Benefits:***

*Soothes Menstrual Cramps *Raise your Frequency * High in Antioxidants


Nettles Tincture  Benefits:***

 *High in Vitamins *Rich in Minerals *Natural Diuretic *Liver Health *May Lower Blood Pressure


Schisandra Tincture  Benefits:***

 *Adaptogen *Increase Energy *Boost Muscular Activity *Anti-Inflammatory


Equinacea Tincture  Benefits:***

 *Immunity Booster *Fights Infection *Supports Upper Respiratory *Mental Health


Damiana Tincture  Benefits:***

*Stress Reduction *Aphrodisiac *Can Help Increase Libido/Sex Drive * Fight Chronic Fatigue


LUNG PROTECTOR Tincture Benefits:***

 *Combining these 3 magical plants in a tincture you get the perfect lung protector for any season. MULLEIN - *Antibacterial *Antiviral *Anti-Inflammatory.

EUCALYPTUS-*Rich in Antioxidants, May relieve Cold Symptoms, reduce pain and promote relaxation.

ELECAMPANE ROOT- *May help improve respiratory health *May have antimicrobial properties *May have anticancer properties


LOVE FREQUENCY Tincture/Elixir  Benefits:***

*Flavor is Indulgent (Exotic) and Melts in Your Mouth.

Rose-*Reduce Anxiety *Soothes Menstrual Cramps *Raise your Frequency * High in Antioxidants

Damiana- *Stress Reduction *Aphrodisiac *Can Help Increase Libido/Sex Drive * Fight Chronic Fatigue

Chocolate(Cacao)- *Rich in Antioxidants *Increases Gamma Frequency *Reduces Stress *Improves Memory

Cinnamon- *Reduces Inflammation *Manages Blood Sugars *High in Antioxidants


***How To Use:

Take 1-3 Dropperfuls directly on the tongue or a glass of water. Add to Teas, dressings and cocktails for a Herbal Boost.


Clove MCT Oil Organic 1 oz “VIRUS PREVENTER”

How To Use: Per Rosemary’s Gladstar recommendation: Add 2-3 drops in your tongue 👅 before leaving your house and when you return to your safe space.This procedure may help you prevent viruses from making a permanent residence in your body. Use as often as you like or need. Clove & MCT Oil Benefits: Clove: Kills Bacteria MCT Oil: Fights Bacterial Growth


Glycerin tinctures are a favorite friend and healer for the whole family. Available in .5 & 1 oz  Amber Bottles. Made in small batches & from Organic Ingredients,This plant's magic tinctures are packed with a lot of benefits.Each batch has been macerated in a dark room from 6 to 8 week minimum, strained and packed in amber glass bottles to preserve freshness.


*Descriptions and information are for informational purposes only and are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease or illness. All pregnant women must consult with their doctors if it is safe to ingest.*


Read Additional Info Sections for more info regarding your Kit.


PHOTOS Amy Thai IG: @happieyoga


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